How to get SOFT LIPS

Are your lips dry and rough? Do you feel twice about before Kissing someone before it? Can’t wear your new lipstick too because of it? Here are simple steps to improve your lips in 5 rs.

1. Buy Vaseline Or Vasocare that costs Rs. 5 or any jelly.


2. Take a small quantity on your index finger. image 3. Massage it on your for lips for 3-4 minutes.

4. Clean it with cotton.

5. Apply a small film of Vasocare on it and leave it overnight. Repeat this for 4 days and Voila. Soft lips.

Other things that you can try

1. Take a toothbrush and brush your lips lightly.

2. Put honey on your hand or toothbrush and massage your lips.

3. You can also use almond oil or olive oil to massage your lips.

If you have any other tips then comment it below 🙂

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