15 Things I Hope JK ROWLING includes in Harry Potter EPILOGUE

I know we hope there will be another Harry Potter book. Harry Potter has become an integral part of my life. My love for reading started from Harry Potter. These are the few things I hope J.K. Rowling writes about in the next Harry Potter book (If somewhere in future she decides to write)

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Please Note : These are my thoughts. I have also included what I think would happen so enjoy.

1. About what happens to Fred’s Hand in Mrs. Weasley’s clock.
Ok I started with a pretty big thing. Tissue alert. I was very sad with Fred’s death. But I know with J.K. Rowling’s imagination it will be something awesome.

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2. About the relationship between Harry and Teddy Lupin
What kind of godfather will Harry be? A good obviously. He will want to make Sirius proud of him I hope to see some good moments between them. Like Harry teaching him how to fly a broomstick and giving him horrid tips to woo Victorie Weasley (Bill and Fleur’s daughter and yes I ship them)

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3. About Harry and Draco mending things.
I know he was horrid to them. Their relation will always be strained but Harry knows what kind of destruction hate can cause. Hermione might support him in decision only when Harry promises her in helping with promotion of spew S.P.E.W. Ron will surely book both of them a room in St. Mungo’s

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4. Ron and Ginny helping George with Weasley Wizard Wheezes
George will never be the same but his siblings will never leave him alone and will do anything to help me.

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5. Christmas with Weasleys
A very merry Christmas at the Burrow with Mrs. Weasley now fussing OVER her grandchildren. Mr. Weasley learning how to use an IPod which his son-in-law gave him away from the eyes of his wife.


6. Fleur helping Mrs. Weasley knit jumpers
I actually read a fanfiction about this. Whoever wrote it if you are reading this you are awesome. Fleur actually knits Mrs. Weasley her own Weasley jumper with ‘Mama Weasley’ written on it.

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7. History Of Magic
With History of Magic including Wizarding War 1 and 2 in its syllabus with guest lectures from Mr. Weasley and Dedalus Diggle about Wizarding War 1 and Hermione, Bill Weasley and Neville Longbottom about Wizarding War 2. Harry refused because it brought up too many memories. Ron refused because he wasn’t going to give some bleeding lecture that made people sleep.

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8. James Sirius Potter
True to his name, he being a true prankster but I want to know about his love life. Will it be like James or Sirius.

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9. Portrait Of Snape
Imagine how Snape will react when he sees Neville Longbottom as Hogwart’s Principal or Seamus as potion Master ‘That boy is gonna burn my whole classroom down’ , ‘Longbottom you better do a good job, I will be here watching you very closely’

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10. Ron as Minister Of Magic
Harry will refuse that position on the spot to live a quiet life. Ron will just take it to spite Percy. He still has a part of him which haven’t forgiven Percy.
“Oi, Hermione I feel asleep during the meeting, please tell me you were paying attention”

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11. Slytherin Even though being a muggleborn (Despite asking several times my parents swear they are not wizard and witch, hence) I am a Slytherin and I think we lot were misunderstood. I want people to know that we are not that bad. After the battle when rebuilding of Hogwarts are going on many Slytherins including Draco and Blaise came forward to help. Even for them during the last few years Hogwarts truly became their home, their houses were filled with pureblood supremacy which they desperately wanted to deny and dark arts which ruined their childhood. Hogwarts was the place when they became truly themselves again.

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12. Weasley brothers interrogating Harry
How funny will it be after Harry proposes Ginny at weekly Weasley brothers take him aside and threaten ‘The Chosen One’ with hexes he doesn’t even know about?

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13. Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy Yes I ship them too. It will be classic love story. I won’t even mind JK writing a book about them with all characters from HP.

14. Dobby A proper funeral for Dobby which everyone attends. People are surprised when Draco comes forward and talks about him. How he used to bring him cookies when his mother used to hid it from him, how he was his first friend and how he used to apply medicine when Lucius used to beat him. Luna sweared that she saw a tear on his cheeks.

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15. A chapter on the lives of each and every Harry Potter Character If you don’t want this then I doubt your loyalty

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