CHANDIGARH HAUL|2017| Sector 22

Hello everyone and welcome back, as from the last post you know that I was on a trip to Chandigarh which is a really beautiful city.

In that city, I just got a mere two hours to do my shopping so I couldn’t buy many things but let me tell you, that market is amazing!!!

You don’t get original stuff there, you get the first copy.

But it is really, really CHEAP!!!!!

You will come to know after I show you the stuff that I bought.

1. Chappals : RS. 200

I never had these stuff, I bought these for Diwali. They are very durable. I just need to add an extra sole to increase its longetivity.

2. Handbags : RS. 250 each

They are so strong and so durable. I love them

3. Camouflage sweater: RS. 400

I never owned anything in this print so this was my first motto to buy it.

4. Camouflage jacket : RS. 1000

This is the most expensive thing that I bought. Again with the camouflage. It looks so nice on me. It goes with everything and I love it.

5. Cold shoulder top : RS 250

This top was very very cute. I never had one of these.


So here it is. I didn’t shop many things but whatever I did it was love.

Chandigarh is a very good city to live in and I would wanna go there sometime.

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