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So today I am going to review a toner by Passion Indulge which is an Indian company. It is from their range Pearl Light.

In this range, the products claim to help facilitate fair and glowing complexion. I should be offended that she gave to me because I had dark skin.

Hello, I don’t want change to a fair skinned. I am happy with what I am.

About the Product

It is a skin toner for spot reduction and skin lightening. It is to tone the skin and reduce pigmentation and diminish brown spots and skin discoloration


🌿Manjistha extract

🌿Liquorice extract

🌿Lemon essential oil

🌿Olive oil esters

🌿Wheat germ extract

🌿Calendula extract

🌿Bearberry extract

🌿Chamomile essential oil

It also contains several excepients like glycerine, glycolic acid menthol etc.

“It claims that it is free from color, artificial fragrance, SLES, Paraben and Harmful Chemicals”


150 ml


RS. 300

How to use this product?

After cleansing your face with a face wash or cleanser, gently dab your skin with towel to remove water. It has a spray nozzle so you can spray the the contents directly on the face but I don’t like that. I spray it on the cotton ball and apply it on my face in upward motion.

How does the product look?

It is a clear liquid without much consistency.

How do I feel after applying the product?

Most of the toners have a cooling effect on the skin but when I apply this product I don’t get any such sensation. It must be cleaning up my pores fairly good because I see large amount of dirt on the cotton ball after using it.

Will I repurchase?

No I won’t. I feel I can find some better toner after I am done with this.

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