Coconut Oil: Your best friend this Winter

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So now it is a season of cracked skin and pimples. I think you can tackle anything if you have a best friend, so why not try out a new one this season.

So now you can make Coconut oil your best friend.

It is cheap, easily available and highly effective.

Here I list down the reasons how and why a spoonful of coconut oil can be your best friend.

Coconut Oil

1. It’s your Skin Moisturizer

Coconut oil is made up of fatty acid and vitamin E which give deep nourishment to the skin. In winter you find your skin devoid of moisture and this dryness can make your skin look dull and also cause pimples (it does for me). A small drop of the oil, when massaged into the skin nicely, does not even leave an oily layer on the skin in winter. You can also use it rest of the year but I wouldn’t recommend it as your face will look extremely bad.

2. It will scare away the fungus

Coconut oil is found to have antifungal property. It can prevent you from different infections.

3. It will make your hair go Oh La La

Coconut oil has good penetration capacity. It will go deep inside your scalp and nourish it from within. It will also prevent frizzing of your hair. I never wash my hair before applying some coconut oil on my hair and leaving it for at least half an hour.

4. It will make you more kissable

*winks* Yes. It will also help you to moisturize your lips. Massaging for five minutes with your finger or a toothbrush will make your lips soft, supple and healthy. It removes dead skin as well as moisturizes it.

5. It will make your eyes pop out

If you are like me and think that your under eye lotion is useless and just makes you drowsy then mix it with a little bit of coconut oil. The Vitamin E in it will help reduce under eye bags. You can also use it alone and guess what it won’t make you drowsy.

6. It will be a part of your hair mask.

I have already told you the benefits of coconut oil on hair, hence you can also include or mix it in your hair mask. Check out this amazing DIY three ingredient hair mask by @misspinkshoes . I love it and it works!!!


What else do you think it helps in? I will mention it in a post along with your name and your web address.

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