JOY Skin Fruits Oil Regulating Strawberry Scrub

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today I am going to review a scrub that I regularly use on my skin since last few weeks.

I bought JOY strawberry scrub from mall when I saw it was on offer, before that I never heard of this product and also didn’t read any review.

I bought it as it was budget friendly and JOY is a brand I have memory of since my childhood. I have a habit of using scrub twice or thrice a week as I have a severe blackheads problem. They just can’t seem to leave me no matter what I do.

I use this scrub everyday. Yes I know I am not supposed to do that but I do! I have toned this routine down as the winter has started but I have to get these blackheads out.

So here is my quick review.

About the product (As mentioned in packaging) : It is a oil regulating strawberry scrub which exfoliates clears and renews the skin. It unclogs the pores and clear the skin off the dead cells. It makes the skin firm and radiant.

Why strawberry? (As mentioned in packaging) : It maintains natural oil and balance making skin soft and youthful.



It comes in a bright red tube packing. The package is bigger than my palm. The opening is tightly sealed which makes entry of microbes difficult. In all the packaging is quite attractive.

Colour of the Product:

It is light pink in color and the grains inside are red.

Texture of the product:

Being a scrub it is grainy but the grains are not too big.

What I think about the product:

As the grains are not that big, it does not feel too harsh on the skin. A small amount is enough on wet face but after one minute of massaging it tends to dry out and need more water to decrease the friction. It leaves the skin soft and supple without harming the skin.

Quantity : 200 ml

Price: Rs. 199 (Offer price Rs. 109)


πŸ‘ Price

πŸ‘ Quantity

πŸ‘ Not harsh on skin

πŸ‘ Packaging

πŸ‘ Smell

πŸ‘ Makes skin soft

πŸ‘ Washes off easily


πŸ‘ŽNot easily available

πŸ‘Ždries out fast

πŸ‘Žmild hence sometimes doesn’t give the feeling of good scrub (opinion may vary person to person)

My Rating: 3.5/5

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