Remy Laure Brightening Day Serum| Product Review

Wohooo! Welcome back. My mum bought me this expensive thing from her salon and I outright rejected to use it. I am that stingy. She convinced me that it didn’t cost much and it will go on for a much longer time. Here is my honest review of the product. Company: Remy Laure

Product: Brightening Day Serum Quantity: 30ml

Directions: Apply one drop every morning before your day cream. Product Packaging: It is an attractive glass bottle which is a shiny silver in color. Even from far you can see that it has a elegant look which goes with the cost.

Product dispenser: Pump

My Review: I found this product doing nothing on my skin. NADA. I was hoping it would bring some difference but I found nothing. It acts as good primer but even without it, my skin looks somewhat same. I wish I could tell you that this was some miracle product with really amazing properties but it is not.good enough. If I am spending big bucks then I am expected to see results and I don’t know what they are because they are not mentioned on the label.

I know this is a really big brand from France but I didn’t find it of any worth. It’s just something I am applying every day and waiting for it to get over.

If you want to but this one, you can get it on Amazon or NYKAA.

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