Charcoal Mask Cream| Instagram Buy| Beauty Review

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today I am going to talk about this generic Charcoal face mask which I bought from Instagram!

How I got the product?

I was browsing through Instagram when I came across profile @imported_cosmetics . They were selling many high-end brands like Kylie and HUDA beauty at very low prices *cough* *knock off**cough*. I paid the money online for the mask cream and was worried if it would come or not but it did.

How was the packaging?

Even though they were one product, it was carefully wrapped. The product is a tube container, where apart from the name of the product and a small line, nothing else is written in English! It is a language that I don’t understand so I don’t know what are the directions or the ingredients present in the product

About the product

It is a black coloured cream which dries out quickly as you remove it from the bottle. Sometimes I just think it is an mix of Fevicol and colour. It is an bamboo charcoal oil control Anti-blackhead Mask Cream.

Steps to use this product

♥ Tie up all your hair. There should not be a single hair on the face.

♥ Take an little amount of product on finger tips and apply it evenly as you can

♥ Please avoid the eyebrow area, believe me I had an incidence

♥ Let it rest for 10 mins and start peeling it off after that.

♥ You can remove the remaining small small part with the help of water.

My experience

IT WORKS!!! Yes it does. It removes blackheads and also facial hair very efficiently. It even dries out the pimple. When you peel it off and it pains a little then trust me, it is working right. You need to be extra careful when you use it as it can remove your eyebrows just as efficiently.

If you are an student who has an tight budget, you can use this product. If you think you might be sensitive then do an patch test on your wrist or at the back of your ear.


👍Removes blackheads, dead skin and facial hair efficiently

👍Dries out quick



👎Very messy if you don’t apply properly

👎Unidentified manufacturer and ingredients



Is there any other charcoal mask you use? Please suggest some.

Love ♥ Ashika

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