Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa glow| Product Review

Hello everyone, hope you are all taking care this winter. Your skin can easily get converted into scales if you are not applying a proper moisturizer.

Vaseline is a very reputed brand and their advertisements are scattered all over the internet. I bought this product from a local mart. Before last year I was not a big fan of body moisturizer as I lived in a very humid city. Last year when I moved for my studies, I truly saw what dry skin is. I have literally peeled off some dry skin, at that moment I made a resolution to use a skin moisturiser.

Naturally, I started with Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa glow.

Here is a detailed review of the product!

About the Product

It is a rich formula which amalgamates pure cocoa butter and Stratys 3™ multi-layer moisture to leave your skin deeply moisturized and feeling healthy, soft, and glowing
  • Moisturizes top three layers of surface skin (stratum corneum)
  • Contains pure cocoa butter, known to reveal your skins natural glow
  • Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel (source: Vaseline website)


Water, soft paraffin, glycerin, stearic acid, isopropyl palmitate, glycol stearate and stearamide AMP, Dimethicone, dihydroxypropyl triammonium chloride, hydroxyethyl urea, shea butter, cocoa butter, triethanolamine, glyceryl stearate, cetyl alcohol, carbopol, magnesium aluminum silicate, Methylparaben,DMDM hydantoin, disodium EDTA, titanium dioxide, CI 77944, perfume

Best For

Dry and dull skin as mentioned on the product. My face has oily skin but the rest of my body has dry skin. So I bought this product to moisturize my dry skin.

My experience

Odour: Chocolatey and pleasant

Texture: Smooth

Colour: White

Base: Oily

Water solubility: No

Long lasting: No. I found this product to be effective for 4-6 hours. Then I need to reapply the product.

I didn’t find this product to be easily penetrable into the skin. I had to rub it for few minutes to see it completely into the skin. Also, it leaves a kind of oily layer on the skin which makes it very messy for me to touch or to get touched by anything.

I can say that the chocolatey aroma of this product is really pleasant. It soothes you to some level but I also feel that it can sometimes clash with your perfume.

As you can see I have some mixed views regarding this product. It has some quality that I look for and some that are certainly not worth product of this reputation so I have summarised them according to Pros and Cons in the following heading.


👍Really soothing aroma

👍gives softening effect on the skin

👍Reputed brand

👍 Affordable to masses

👍Easily available


👎Not easily penetrable

👎Oily layer on skin

👎Not suitable for very dry skin

Will I buy this product again?

No. I don’t have anything against it but I would like to try something else. I was just never happy with it. Oh God, I sound like a person in a relationship! But still, if you have normal skin then you can definitely use this in winter or as a night moisturiser. I would again buy this product during summer to see what kind of effect it has on my skin then.

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What skin moisturizers do you use? Suggest me some!

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