BBlunt Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream – Product Review

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Do you have curly hair? Not many people love their curls. Most of us always think how easier it would have been if we just had those damn straight hair.

Sometimes your hair might be curly but you are not even aware of it. I wasn’t. For the first 17 years of my life I thought I had thick hair and I always wanted silky smooth straight hair. But with proper haircut and proper nourishment you can get those lovely bouncing curls.

So as soon as I found out I had good curls, I started experimenting with various creams. Today we are going to review BBlunt Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream and will be talking about its packaging, direction of use along with answering the questions whether it is worth the price.

About BBlunt

Adhuna Bhabhani is the co-owner of BBlunt saloons along with Osh Bhabhani her brother. They have various saloons all over Mumbai and other places. Their products include a wide variety of hair care and hair styling products which can also be found on Amazon and Nykaa.

About the Product

(As mentioned on the package)

Curls need definition and this hassle free cream makes it easy. It enhances curls and waves and also tames frizz. Go ahead, show your curls some love. It is specially created for Indian hair and it protects from the environment and hair-styling damage.


It is an very attractive bright pink bottle which can be easily identifiable even from a long distance. It’s shape, I don’t know how to describe it requires very less space. It is a squeeze top bottle which makes it easier to take required amount of product and also prevents contamination.

Directions of Use

(As mentioned on package)

Flip hair upside down and apply evenly on damp hair, from roots to ends. Twirl, scrunch and style. Blow dry using a diffuser for maximum effect.

How I use it?

I take very less amount, two pumps are enough for each use. I don’t flip my hair upside down but I apply them to damp hair. I scrunch them hair and leave them be. After they are semi dried they form nice strong and bouncing curls.

Price and Quantity

RS. 550 for 150g. I have been using this cream for three months now and I think there is still one and an half month of products of left. I use this product thrice a week.

How I feel about this product

I think it is worth buying if you want well defined curls or waves. I don’t always wash my hair to use this product. I just spray some water and even at that time it shows good results. The effects last throughout the day and depending on the weather outside the effect can be prolonged. As I live in Mumbai, which has humid weather I am in constant need of something which can decrease the frizz. I think this product does an wonderful job.

Will I repurchase this product?

Hell yes. I will, it is super affordable and very good to use. I sometimes also mix it with my hair serum. BBlunt has proved it’s worth and it being an Indian brand I will definitely promote it.

What hair products do you use? Comments below 🙂

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