LAKME Enrich Lip Crayon – Cheap but really worth it?

Who doesn’t love a good Lipstick? And what if they were cheap! Oh God, did I die and go to heaven? I had a similar experience when I saw about Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons I was just excited! Just 185 RS. ? I bought three shades from Nykaa. So as I am writing this, I am actually reviewing this product so here it goes.

What are the shades that I bought?

Shade 04 Mauve Magic

Shade 10 Blushing Pink

Shade 09 Cinnamon Brown

About their Packaging

They look just like colour crayons. The colour crayons that we used to draw in. They have a black cap to cover it up. They are easier to hold. Like a small ball pen but its length is smaller than it.

How do they look

Like I said they look like crayons. If my little brother had seen it, he would have definitely used them to colour some wall. It is really cute and small and definitely easier to carry. You can even carry them in your pockets and people will think it is a pen you are carrying.


2.2g but I doubt all of it will be of use. As you can see in the pictures below only the product at the top can be used! There is also product at the end. If you open the ends you can see product that is going to be wasted.


How do they feel?

They are soft and smooth on the skin. They are not that pigmented as we expected due to its price but it feels good none the less. They don’t stay on for a long time which is a downside. It is also not drying on skin but I think that it might be due to the fact that I always use a lip balm before applying lipstick!

What I think of it?

It is really good effort by Lakme to bring forward this product. Itcan be afforded by everyone and we girls feel good if we have products like Lakme in our kit. But I still think there are good others brands like Elle 18 that girls can turn to instead of this. If you are that low on budget then you can add just 100 more bucks and buy something better like the ones ColorbarUsa has! The part that I hate the most is that a lot of product is wasted and I just hate when this happens unnecessarily.



👍slight pigmentation

👍not drying

👍easy to carry


👎Wastage of product

👎Not completely pigmented

👎Better options available

👎Not long lasting

👎 Quantity

My Rating


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