Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Facewash – Divine as it looks?

Hello everyone and how are you? Today I am going to talk about this Facewash which I got from my GlamEgo subscription box. When I posted on Instagram, I found out that many people were interested in this product.

This product comes with a tagline everyday pollution defence. By some luck for the past couple of years I am living in a small city Gandhinagar which is very green and fresh air unlike my hometown Mumbai and Thane. I am confused about how this Facewash can help defend anyone’s face against pollution, I think it is just a lure to captivate the attention of people and does not have any truth to it.

Here is my detailed review of the product.


(As mentioned on the product)

I am 100% free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial colouring and fragrance. I deep clean your pores with white tea and soy milk extracts and exfoliating microbeads. I prevent ageing and protect the body from free radicals. The chamomile essential oil soothes and calms, leaving you fresh and relaxed.

About the brand

Aroma Magic had a humble beginning in 1992 by Dr Blossom Kochha. Every formulation, packaging, belief and action has its roots firmly entrenched in healing, art, design, fashion, culture, history, artistic and scientific harmony, their contrasts and making sustainable, responsible lifestyle choices. Quality to Aroma Magic means having the freedom to create the best products with respect to our environment and the consumer. All Aroma Magic formulations are produced using high-grade natural ingredients and apply the ancient sciences and modern scientific rigour to every product to guarantee the customer’s safety. (Ref:



Centaurea cyanus extract

Sodium cocoyl hydrolysed soy protein extract

Chamaemelum Noble oil

Hydrolysed Protein beads

Mentha piperita oil

Camellia Sinensis extract


How to use?

(As mentioned on the product)

Apply to moist neck and face. Massage and rinse off properly. Use me morning and night, moisturize and use sun protection. For best results use day and night.

Colour of product

The colour of the Facewash is sky blue in colour and the beads have dark blue colour


Loose and creamy




This product has a tube packaging. One thing I want to mention is that Aroma magic product has vibrant and colourful packaging. This product also is very attractive and as you can see anyone who sees this won’t be able to resist buying it.


Not opaque


Mild, because of the beads present in it


Overall experience

This product works like any normal face wash but one thing I want to mention that it does make my skin soft. It acts as a mild cleanser on my face. It smells of fresh flowers. As it is mild, it is not effective in removing even slight makeup. It does not cause any redness or irritation on the skin. it does not leave any film on the skin after using it, it leaves the skin nice and dry, hence can be used by people having oily skin. Still, there are many other options apart from this which are cheap and also offer good quantity.

I recommend this product if you want a mild cleanser with a fresh aroma.

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  1. glowkl says:

    Hello everyone,
    Today i am talk about Aroma magic white tea and chamomile face wash . i also used this face wash for soft and oil free skin. i also recommend you to try frankincense essential oil for beautifying the skin and healing benefits.

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