Gala of London Liquid Liner – Affordable Product Series

The one problem I feel every girl has in her life is that she always misplaces her eyeliner, either here or there. I lose about two or three eyeliners myself either on a trip or at some party or at a friend’s place. I think there is somewhere someone hoarding stolen liquid liners.

Anyways when this happens it is very difficult for me to buy expensive eyeliners, so I turned to more affordable options. Gala of London liquid eyeliner is one of them. You can also read about Lakme Insta Eyeliner.


About The Product

This is a liquid liner. It comes in blacks and blue colour. It is a product of a good company ‘Gala of London’. This company has been established for a long time and I find it’s product to be good and affordable. You can find these products on Nykaa. The product is of two types, normal and waterproof. I am using the waterproof one right now.

Shades available

The normal eyeliner is in the shades black, blue and brownish black. I am using the black waterproof one right now so my thoughts about the pigmentation and colour will be for that only


This product comes only in one size which is small and easier to carry. You can even take it with you in your pocket.




Gives a matte finish

good consistency

not runny


Normal Eyeliner -Rs. 70

Water Proof eyeliner – Rs. 75

What I feel about it?

It is a kind of product which can be afforded and used by students. There are many other brands like Lakme and Elle18 which provide affordable products for the young generation but I think of all, I like Gala of London’s eyeliner better.

It is a very pigmented eyeliner. Its applicator is a long brush which makes it perfect to apply a winged eyeline. There are many people who are not comfortable with a long applicator, even I wasn’t but once I got used to it, it made the application process very easy. I have noticed that I have to apply a thick layer of this product for it to last all day long. I once applied a single layer and it didn’t last for more than 3 hours.

The colour is jet black which gives a matte finish, just the way I like it for daily use. The one thing I think is a drawback of this product is that it has given very insufficient details on the label. This practice is one of the things which should be improved and there should be stringent laws for this.

Overall this product is mediocre and can be subjected to daily use, not easily available in all stores, gives a good matte finish and is very cheap.


Tribeville rating: 4/5

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