The Nature’s Co Vanilla Lip Butter – Mini Review

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Today I am going to review this lip butter which I got long ago in my GlamEgo box. I started using this product two weeks back and currently, I have mixed feelings about this product. At first, I didn’t like it at all and was going to write a negative review about this product but I decided to give it one more week and this is what I came up with so here it goes.



Vanilla Lip Butter


The Nature’s Co (Indian Company)

About The Product

(as mentioned on its label)

Get delicious, soft and luscious lips with goodness of Vanilla and Shea butter. Its soothing and calming properties will moisturize and hydrate all day long. Apply directly to your lips as often as required.



(As mentioned on the label)

Vanilla flavour

Kokum butter

Shea butter

Mango butter

Castor oil

Vitamin E

Balm base

Natural Flavouring and food grade colour

You can see that the ingredients are all natural and do not contain harmful chemicals which might cause harm to your lips



Let’s start with its packaging! It comes in a tube packaging. When you open the cap you can see an orifice which acts as a direct lip applicator. The funny thing is when I started using this product I had to press it up strongly to get even a little amount of product out but suddenly one day it started coming easily. I think it might be due to some consistency issue. This is the main reason why I have mixed feelings about this product.


As I mentioned earlier, it has some issues but now the consistency is like a soft butter. It spreads over evenly on my lips even a small amount. 



This is also a small part which has let me down. Even a little amount of product spreads evenly on my lips but it is not capable of moisturizing my lips. I need to apply a considerable amount of product to get desired effects but it makes my lips look oily and I am not able to apply my Lipstick on it. To overcome this I apply this product as a night lip Butter and it works perfectly for me. In the morning I find my lips to be soft and supple. I remove the excess remaining product gently using cotton (I try not to eat it).


It is a bit of an expensive piece for me, 10ml of product costs 495 INR 


  • Vanilla flavour is heavenly
  • Spreads evenly
  • Moisturizes lips
  • Application is comfortable
  • Made from natural materials and free from harmful chemicals
  • Indian company


  • A bit expensive
  • When applied liberally looks oily


So, at last, I want to conclude that this is a really good product. You can gift it to someone having a thing for vanilla essence. I want to insist people to buy this product as it is Made in India and I always like to promote Indian brands to people. If you can afford to spend considerable bucks for good lips you can definitely try this product. 

I would like to try more products from The Natures Co., let’s see what the future holds



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