MCaffeine Neem Facewash with Vitamin E and Argan Oil

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So here is how the review goes

Product: Neem Facewash with Vitamin E and Argan Oil

Company: MCaffeine

Directions for use (As mentioned on the label):

Apply evenly on the face and massage gently. Rinse after two minutes.

Ingredients (As mentioned on the label):

Neem, Argan oil, Vitamin E, Caffeine, Glycerine, Foaming agent, Aqua, Approved preservatives/fragrance/colour.


The product comes in a pump based container which is very good to look at and offers ease in dispensing the product.

What do I think about it?

1. Fragrance

Being a neem face wash, it is expected to smell like the plant but it does not. I took a little quantity in my hand and mixed it with water, I asked 10 people to smell it but none of them could recognise the fragrance. Many people described it as flowery. But it is pleasant and mild and does not linger on the skin for long.

2. Foam

It foams well but not excessively. Even a very small amount foams easily. I consider it to be a water-based clear liquid rather than a cream based hence it does not get sticky fast and spreads across the face really well.

3. How I use it?

I wet my face first. Then I take a small amount on my palm and few drops of water and foam it. I massage it on my face for not more than two minutes. If it starts to dry out I just take some water on my palms and start massaging it again. I wash it off with water.

4. Effect on the skin

After I apply it to my face (oily skin) it becomes relatively dry and oil-free. I am not sure how it would work on dry skin. As far as other effects, I didn’t find any which were remarkable or different. It didn’t have any anti-pimple effect (although many other parameters may contribute to that) even though neem and vitamin-E are supposed to have those properties.

5. Quantity and Pricing

150 ml of product costs INR 499 which I think is okay but as far as the pros and cons are considered I would prefer to buy ‘THE FACE SHOP’S HERB DAY365 CLEANSING FOAM PEACH’ which costs only 300 bucks.

6. Will I buy it again

Yes, I will but probably not right away.

Overall feeling:

This is a nice product by Mcaffeine but I think it is overpriced compared to its uses and application. There are many drugstore brands which are better than it and cheaper too but it cannot be denied that it has a good effect on the oily skin. The packaging is very attractive especially the pump. It is good as a primary cleanser on the skin but would not recommend it to people with dry skin.

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