BHA Skin Returning Emulsion by COSRX – For Acne Prone and Oily skin

Oily skin hence scared to use a moisturizer? What about your skin becomes oily after using the moisturizer? And top of that add acne to all this mix. That is a complete ‘I have to hide in my home’ till everything goes away. To get over all these skin issues which were never solved by any other moisturizer I decided to go with a K-beauty product which I have seen may times on Shelley Nayak’s Instagram profile The product is a BHA skin returning emulsion by COSRX

It was just what I need for a humid Mumbai weather with my oily skin always getting in way of me feeling fresh, It does not stop my skin from getting oily sometimes but at least it does not contribute to it while I hydrate. It also has BHA which is a wonder ingredient for acne and blemish prone skin – read further in this post to know more about it.

Lets get some information about this product before!

About the product:

(As mentioned on product)

Formulated with 79.3% Centella asiatica leaf water and 1% BHA , this lightweight lotion is designed to soothe skin while hydrating.

About the brand

Corsx is a Korean beauty company and has gained popularity in many K-beauty cults. Its popularity with bloggers in India as well as USA has made some serious noise in the beauty industry! It is a rare sight to see a K-beauty bloggers profile without any Corsx product in it.

Where did I buy it from?

As I live in India I bought it from Beauty Barn . It is a very good website to buy K-beauty products from.

How do I use it?

I wash my face with a cleanser and dry it by patting with a towel. I take a pea sized product or just one pump on my palms and dot it all over my face and massage it onto my face for a few seconds. You can also follow it up with Deyga Tea Tree toner.

Colour of product

The colour of the product is pearly white similar to Innisfree balancing face cream but it differs in consistency


Cosrx BHA skin returning emulsion has a loose and creamy lotion like consistency. The consistency is similar to MCaffeine green tea face serum.


This product has a container packaging with a pressure dispenser on the top which makes it hygienic and easy to us. It is a simple looking white container with a small red block to mention the name of the product. It is sober yet effective and that is one of the characteristics of Corsx products.

Ingredient in COSRX BHA skin returning emulsion

So it contains 1% BHA which stands for beta hydroxy acid and is also known as salicylic acid. It is a recommended ingredient for acne and blemish prone skin. It is oil soluble hence can go into skin’s surface and cleans out excess sebum from pores. Corsx BHA skin returning emulsion also has anti-ageing properties and as it is very low concentrations in this formulation there are very slight chances to getting any side effects!

Overall experience

  • This product is a boon for oily skin.It’s minimalist approach is very appealing. Limited but effective ingredients in this product work like a charm!
  • It is a very light product which gets absorbed easily hence there is no extra shininess on the skin.
  • Its consistency and after application effects are the main reason that I fell in love with this.
  • The only thing I wish it has was a little SPF because I don’t like apply many products at once.
  • I would definitely recommend this product to people with oily acne prone skin because of the ingredients.
  • It is on a bit expensive side with its price INR 1350 but it lasts for a long time as very small quantity of product is required.

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