Innisfree No Sebum UV Protection Cream with SPF 35 and PA +++ – Sunscreen for Oily Skin

To all my oily skin friends welcome to your blog post. This blog post will make your life much easier and even protect your skin from the evils of harsh sun rays! Yes you heard it right, this is a review of a sunscreen for oily skin. You can also read about Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Let’s get on with this product!





Daily UV protection cream (Smart ass way to say sunscreen) – contains SPF 35

Unique feature

‘No sebum’ mentioned on the package which corresponds to no oilyness!


INR 900 for 50ml

Other Features

  • SPF 35
  • Made in Korea
  • Reputed brand
  • Can be used daily


Apart from regular chemical ingredients it’s contains shows ingredients like Camellia Sinensis (tea plant) leaf extracts, Portulaca Oleracea (Pursley) extract, Centella asiatica extract , Helianthus Annus seed oil, Hamamelis Virginia leaf extract, Opuntia Coccinellifera fruit extract, Camellia Japonica leaf extract and Citrus peel extract.

Let me tell you one thing about cosmetic industry. Just by mentioning all these natural extracts doesn’t mean the product is a natural product. Can you see the sly thing? They haven’t mentioned the quantity. There might be a high probability that it might contain negligible amount of this extracts in a full chemical formulation.

How and when do I use it?

So I mostly apply sun protection after I cleanse my face and apply moisturizer. I usually wait till the moisturizer is dried and absorbed in my skin before applying this product. On top of this product I apply make up if any.

I use this even though I know I will be sitting at home and not venturing outside. If you have seen my Instagram stories then you must have known how much I stress on using sun protection. You can also read about my review for VLCC sunscreen here.



So this product comes within tube packing. I mostly go for very affordable cosmetic so for the price I paid for this product and the amount I got was very disappointing.

The container was white in colour with very minimal information which was attractive and refreshing. Even the outer packaging was made up of some kind of unglossed paper which I also thought was beautiful.



The colour of the product is very very light taupe. It is creamy in texture and has very mattifying effect on the skin. It does not make the skin look oily unlike many sun protection creams.

Now comes the most hated part of this product, after applying it leaves a white cast. And for someone with coffee coloured skin like mine, it looks hideous. I rub the product consistently on my skin to get rid of that white cast and it sometimes does. Also, it needs to be blended very fast as the cream sets rapidly on skin.

This cream must be working pretty good as I used it on my vacation to Goa and my skin showed very little sign of tanning. As you know almost every one comes back tanned from their Goa trip but I didn’t.

It also does not have a very common odour. It smells like sweet fennel which is very refreshing.

White cast after application


  1. No sebum formulation
  2. Easily available
  3. Contains natural extracts
  4. Reputed brand
  5. SPF 35
  6. Mattifying effect on skin
  7. Non-oily cream
  8. Prevents skin from tanning
  9. Effective on oily skin


  1. White cast forming after application
  2. Cost
  3. Not useful for dry or normal skin

Will I repurchase ?

Yes. If you look past that white cast on skin it is pretty good sun protection cream for oily skin.

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