The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Butter – For Dry Skin

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Today I am writing a review on ‘Strawberry Body Butter’ from The Body Shop.

I have never been able to afford the products from The Body Shop, I always thought them to be very expensive and convinced myself that they weren’t worth it. Oh boy! Was I that wrong.

So let’s begin the detailed review so that you can understand why I felt that way.

The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Butter

Product description

Our deliciously fruity body butter will melt into your skin, for an intensely moisturising experience. Reveal silkier-softer, strawberry scented skin after every use

This is the description provided on The Body Shop’s website and indeed every word of it is true.

Quantity and Price

As I said it is a bit expensive (for me atleast!) . It costs INR 1045 for 200ml but the container lasted me for three months.


It comes in a circular plastic container and as I have the strawberry body butter, the container is red in color with a black and red lid which has a strawberry on top of it. When you open the lid you get a waft of fresh strawberries. The downside is that such containers sometimes promote microbial growth as the hands and also the environment directly comes in contact with it. I mostly prefer containers with a dispenser on it.

Their website mentions that if you return the container to them they will recycle it for you


According to the label on the packaging, the base is of cocoa and shea butter. No where in the ingredients it is mentioned that it contains strawberry fruit extract but it does contain strawberry seed oil. Other than that it contains bunch of chemical agents, emulsifiers and preservatives along with added color and perfume.

Also worth mentioning that it contains tocopherol, limonene and citric acid. These are molecules present in natural extracts but I am not sure the one in this formulation are natural or chemically synthesized. I will update once I get an idea.

When I use it

I use it as soon as I dry the skin after taking a bath. I use it on my legs – knees down and on my hands.

Body butter

Body butter is a creamy formulation, in fact it is a very creamy cream. This product feels very soft on fingers and when applied onto the skin it leaves it with a velvety touch. It has a very fruity fragrance which is very pleasant on having on you all day. Sometimes I don’t think it gets easily absorbed onto my skin but to its defense it is for dry skin and my skin isn’t exactly dry. The creams stays on body for 24 hours, I can feel the creamy layer on my skin while bathing hence it is important that you take a good bath to remove the residual cream.


  • Good for dry skin
  • 24 hours hydration
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Reputed brand
  • Easily available
  • Lasts for three months
  • makes skin soft and moisturizes it


  • Pricey ( but worthy!)
  • does not get easily absorbed in oily skin
  • non-hygienic type of container

My verdict

This is a must try body butter that I recommend. If you invest a bit more than your budget then it is totally worth the hype. This cream is good for people with dry skin or dry patches on skin. For next time, I will look for The Body Shop body butter for normal to oily skin.

2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Butter – For Dry Skin

  1. alchemiin says:

    I totally understand the sentiment that the body shop is too expensive. My friends loooove it and always tell me to go and try some stuff out but… it’s just so spendy. For me, items from the body shop are something you get for your birthday or buy as a present for someone
    But then again, reading your review really makes me want to try out the body butter! ❤ What I don’t like, just like you mentioned, is the fact that it is advertised as strawberry but then there is basically no strawberry in it. It happens a lot but it does sound off when it is pointed out to me.

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