How I massage my face everyday with Facial Massage Device

Our skin is very delicate and how you treat it will show how you will look. Everybody has different skin type and it is very important that you find out what is good for your skin no matter what the cost. The facials which always work for my mother don’t work for me. This also shows how genetics doesn’t always guarantee having the same skin type and you have to work on your own. You can also read about Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drops.

I was always fascinated with facial massagers as I watched various bloggers use them and hence to just test it out I bought a generic facisl massager on Flipkart for INR 400. It was battery run device with just one useful attachment a brush. I used it for three weeks before it succumbed to its injuries and broke down.

I was impressed by the results hence I decided to buy a device from a reputed company so I bought from Vega which is also affordable. I bought it for INR 1540 from Amazon. It comes with three attachments but I find only two of them useful. Plus the case they give with is cute. I will be writing a detailed review of it soon.

Step I follow

  1. As soon as I wake up, I wash my face with facewash (right now it is MCaffiene Neem face wash – read its review here)
  2. I take a face cream and apply it on my face in the form of four blobs, one of my either cheeks, one on my forehead and one on my chin.
  3. I take the facial massager and massage my cheeks slowly spreading the cream and massaging it.
  4. I do it in upward and circular motion for not more than 5 minutes and I leave the massaged cream on my skin for 30 minutes before washing it again and continuing with my daily rouyne of moisturizer and sunscreen.

Why do I use a face cream?

The cream has dual functions here, it acts like a barrier agent and a moisturizer. Directly using massager brush on the skin might be harsher on the skin, hence using a cream is always preferred.

Can you do it everyday too?

It depends on your skin and you have to work it out. That is why I recommend using a face cream so that it is not too harsh for every day. Our body sheds skin everyday and hence I use it everyday.

Advantages of massager

  • Cleanses the face
  • Gets rid of clogged pores and debris
  • Aftermath is a glowing skin
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Can be used daily
  • The brush can also be used with a facewash for cleansing

Disadvantages of massager

  • May not be suitable for some skin types (like super sensitive skin – you need to go for a roller
  • Dependence of electrical device

You won’t be able to see the results in a single day, it will take five days to one week. If you don’t want to do it everyday make your own schedule, three days a week or alternate days.

In case of any doubts or questions, do comment here or reach out to me on instagram

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  1. Joy says:

    Great post! There are some great benefits to using face massager!! I used to have the Foreo Luna one and I loved it but I lost it :p

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