GIOVANNI Shampoo #CGFriendly – Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture (Vegetarian)

The only thing that I accept that I am completely vain about is my hair. My mood is dependent on my hair. For many years now I was under the assumption that curly hair are meant to be dry and frizzy and it is how things are but now I refuse to accept. My hair care and the products I use will be the ultimate factor in deciding what happens to my hair.

I stumbled upon Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture shampoo when I was researching about CG friendly shampoos as I have read a lot of blogs about them and wanted to use one. Below is the complete overview of this product.

What is CG Friendly?

In short, CG stands for Curly girl Method friendly. Curls are uneven fibers and the hair cuticles are often exposed to the environment causing escape of moisture and lad to dry air. Curly hair are also known to be fragile than straight hair. Hence mild, chemical free and hydrating products are best for curly hair. To have a better identification, these products are termed as CG friendly.

Lets start with the review of :

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture shampoo

What it says?

It is for damaged hair. It is enriched with grapefruit, aloe and apple extracts plus vegetable protein to soothe dry or damaged hair, control frizz and add shine.

What it Claims?

  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • No SLS
  • No paraben
  • No mineral oil
  • No artificial colours
  • No phthalates
  • No formaldehyde
  • No propylene alcohol
  • 100% Vegetarian ingredients
  • No animal testing


It contains natural extracts mentioned in the table below. Apart from that, it also includes the excipients needed in a shampoo formulation but does not include phthalates, sulphates and propylene glycol,

Pyrus almus fruit Apple
Aloe barbadenis leaf Aloe vera
Chamomilla recutita leaf German chamomile
Citrus aurantium dulas Valencia orange
Citrus grandis Grapefruit
Cymbopogon schoenanthus Lemongrass
Echinacea purpurea Ginkgo biloba
Glycine soja seed Soyabean
Lavandula angustifolia Lavender
Rosamarinus officinalis Rosemary
Macrocystis pyrifera Sea kelp
Mangifera indica Mango
Salis alba Willow bark

How I use it?

I use shampoo on my hair with a double rinse method. In a first rinse I mix a small amount of product and apply it on my hair. I try to work it out but the main purpose of this to hydrate the hair. In the second rinse I use normal quantity of shampoo and it is for cleansing of my scalp and hair. I always follow up with a conditioner.

Colour and odour

It is a pearly white coloured formulation with no specific smell that I don’t recognize but it is pleasant enough.

Lathing property

It lathers up petty quickly with a small amount of water

Cleansing property

It cleans up the scalp pretty well and it also gets rinsed off easily preventing dandruff.

Quantity and price

It costs INR 595 for 200 ml

What I think about the product?

My curls tend to get very dry and I sweat a lot, so it was essential that I find something which cleanses my scalp without drying my hair out, This product is exactly what I need. This shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and hydrate your hair. This product is good for both curls and straight hair. For vegetarians, this product is a boon and they can definitely go for it. I recommend this product to every girl out there.

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