Mumbai Local Tweets that will make you go ROFL

Twitter is always a place to go for a good laughs and these real life experiences of Vada Pav blooded individuals will definitely make you laugh

1. Baar Baar Dekho

2. If I don’t sleep at work then how will I binge watch series all night

3. And the boss always stays near office

4. Itna Paisa kaun dalega re be

5. Doing train aerobics everyday

6. Mumbai m jagah ho na ho, train k andar hai

7. Meanwhile Harbor is like

8. Has happened to all of us

9. Game of Tondatlya Shivya

10. Kitna badbu re baba

11. Don‘t cry please

12. Oldies are not always right

13. Olympic khelunga mein

14. Move over Usain Bolt

15. More accurate than Newton’s law

16. Thoptayenge na woh

17. Where Thanos made sense

18. Rulaeyga kya bhai

19. Oh lakda chance maare

20. Virar public are legends

21. You know its the truth

22. Our mood swings are wild

23. Marr jaa Kahi toh

24. Satyavachan!

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