Does Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay work| World’s Best Face Mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has been a cult favourite around the world. I have been fascinated by the acne transformation pictures people have plastered all over the world.

Aztec secret healing mask container

I bought this mask out of pure curiosity and my consistent acne problem compelled me to open my purse and buy this from Amazon.

I am still skeptical for buying beauty products from Amazon as I am worried that duplicates are sometimes sold there but trusting myself and I used the product and didn’t find any side effects.

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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

What it claims?

It claims that it is the world’s most powerful mask, wow talk about confidence, It also has deep pore cleansing and is a 100% natural calcium bentonite clay.

The words ‘Feel your face pulsate’ are written all over the packaging so definitely I was going to try it out.


What is it exactly?

I have seen this question on many websites that ‘What is Aztec’ clay?’ Why is the best facial mask. You get this mask in the form of powder and you have to use it with water to form a paste. It is pure calcium bentonite clay mask as mentioned on its packaging. Clay masks are known for its its skin tightening and anti-aging mask.

Mask in powdered form

Where to buy aztec secret Indian healing clay?

You can buy it on Amazon at INR 500 from here

How to use it on skin?

  • Mix the clay with apple cider vinegar and/or water
  • Stir the mixture into a paste
  • Apply a thick layer on the skin
  • Wash once it is dried wash with water

Important instruction

  1. Use non-metal utensils to prepare the paste
  2. Use apple cider vinegar and water in 50:50 ratio
  3. For sensitive skin use water only

What I think about it?

To start with, aztec secret Indian healing clay is a good product that comes in very good quantity. The cult following of this product is absolutely justified but I feel that it might have been over-exaggerated a bit. It really does have a skin tightening effect and also leaves the skin soft and supple but the fact that it helps clear out acne is far too much expectation from it.

Again I am emphasising that please don’t use it with Apple cider vinegar unless you are sure about it. Do a patch test and then only apply on the complete face. I have heard many reviews that it good effects on hair as well hence I am trying it out and will give you an update soon. You can also use it with Deyga Tea Tree toner.

It is very easy to use this product, just mix it with water but getting it out of the box is a messy affair. The powder has very small particle size and even though I keep it on a flat surface and don’t move it, each time I open the container it creates a mess.

Keeping this aside, it is good to try this product atleast once. If you wanted to try some other facemasks click on the link below

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  1. kajol sharma says:

    Thank you so much for the update on clay masks , as even I am skeptical to use such beauty products when it comes to acne prone areas. Will definitely give a try to this mask👍🏻.
    Keep posting updates on beauty products😊

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