5 Kick-ass Books to Read in July 2020

Not going out and wasting our time on toxic people is one of the best part of 2020. Utilizing this time to read is one of the vital step that you can do for your overall development.

I will be mentioning the books that are on Kindle Unlimited, it is a part of Kindle which lets you borrow a wide range of books for a period of time for a reasonable price.

by Tomasz Filipek

With just a few days we will complete first half of 2020 and to have a kick start on the second half of the year. Here are the five books suggestions from me which had a longing impact on me.

1. Do It Today – Darius Foroux

Available on Kindle Unlimited

If you are a procrastinator like I definitely am then this book is the one for you! It gives you tips, tricks and tools to overcome your habit of procrastination and get things done. Even if you are not a fan of non-fiction the easy and example filled verbose in this book really makes it good for you! Get your productivity up with this book.

2. Keepers of the Kalachakra – Ashwin Sanghi

Available on Kindle Unlimited

I was in awe of this book for a few months after I read this. I can’t wait to see a Hollywood movie about this but I know the book will always be better. If you are fan of Sci-Fi fiction then you have to read it. Ashwin has made this book with multiple aspects and has still manage to captivate with each word. It feels so good to read about books based on science fiction where India is not just an ancient land with historic legends but a central powerhouse of technology. Ashwin manages to combines the technology and mythology in such an interesting blend that you will be hooked till the end.

3. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

Not available on Kindle Unlimited. You will have to buy this book

Have you read something tragic yet beautiful and full of hope? It is a book that one should read at least once before they die that’s for sure. It is a story of a young boy growing up in Afghanistan in 70s yearning for his father’s approval and apparently jealous of his best friend and family servant. The life mentioned before and after Taliban shows us how brutal a war can be. This story tells us about repressed memories and redemption, kindness and brotherhood. Reading this book is really worth it.

4. Eating Wasps – Anita Nair

Available in Kindle Unlimited

I think after The Kite Runner this is another book with heavy feelings that hits you right in the feels. Tragic and beautiful. Set in India, the story is about Sreelakshmi, a character born before her time and women from all age and walks of life. Each women has a secret, an internal thought or an incident that changes their life completely, and is revealed throughout the book. The depiction of strong female characters in this book is overwhelming.

5. The Girl Who Lived – Christopher Greyson

Available on Kindle Unlimited

So for all of you who are into Mystery Novels, this one is from Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Christopher Grayson. It is a story of a girl who is lucky that she escapes a attack that takes the life of her sister, best friend and her mother. They say that killer is her father who then kills himself but she never believes that. She survives and tries to live knowing that the killer is still out there. I absolutely loved this chilling thriller and finished it in one sitting

So what are your favorite books that you would like to recommend me?

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  1. prabhik jain says:

    Since you talked about procrastination, I recommend that time management is also significantly required then, there are some wonderful books by Brian Tracy, you must look for them.

    Happy Reading 😊

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