Create the Basic Monthly Planner and Tracker in two hours

It started with my headache very limited screen time. I had to do something without going crazy so I created a journal for the coming month and call me crazy but I finished it in two hours.

There are many advanced version of bullet journals but I wanted to create something small. As months go maybe we can create something bigger and better.

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What do you need?

  • Any diary or journal
  • Crayons
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black pen
  • Colour pen (I just had green)
  • Scale

There are many many other things you can use but I made the following planner with these things only.

How to do it?

  1. Identify what you want to be added in the tracker
  2. Identify how will you want it visualised
  3. Create a general outline with a pencil
  4. If you are satisfied then only mark it with the black pen

Components that I used

Weekly Tracker

To track all my basic activities I made a weekly tracker and included the most important plans in my self-development

Books and blog tracker

To track the books I have read and the blogs I have posted, I have made a tracker for it. In book tracking, I will add the name of the book and the author. In blog tracker, I will post the name of the blog I have posted

Meal Tracker

I have been on a particular diet for the last two months so it will be easier to track my diet and identify a pattern but journaling it.

Weight graph

I have been on a diet for losing weight and nothing is satisfying that a downward weight graph

Important date tracker

I always forget birthday’s and anniversaries so this will be a perfect way to remember everything

Expense tracker

I really need this because I forget how much money I spend any given day!

So this is the most basic tracker! I will be adding many more things to it. You can check it on the Highlights of my Instagram profile as Basic Monthly Tracker.

There are many trackers and planners available in the market but it is a different joy to create one for yourself.

Hope you enjoy your planner

2 thoughts on “Create the Basic Monthly Planner and Tracker in two hours

  1. Pooja Dhakne says:

    Diii.. Its really cool. I am going to do this. I jst hope that i will be able to be consistent. Thank u for the efforts u have put in.

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