REELS ! What’s New On Instagram

So if you open you explore page on Instagram you will find a new feature known as Reels.

Just an example of Reels

I think that Reels is new feature which has been launched by instagram to counteract world sensational app ‘Tik Tok’. Due to anti-Chinese apps moment I many countries this feature is supposed to be a hit in many countries as ‘Tik Tok’ is supposedly known to be a Chinese information hacker app.

Features of Reels

  • Short video feature (15 seconds videos)
  • Can be used with popular songs, challenges, trends and personalized text
  • This option is added to instagram Camera options
  • The content can be shared on feed for followers
  • Instagram music and effect library can be used for videos
  • AR effects can be used
  • They can be reviewed deleted and re-recorded
  • No information regarding monetization method discussed till now.
  • As of 8th July, only limited people have received information about it.

Impact on Bloggers and Content Creators

  • A new avenue for content
  • Don’t need to build a new profile from ground up
  • Less video time hence more meaningful content
  • Videos are a good way to showcase new products and market your content that reaches to masses
  • A platform to test and learn new skills

You can also read on ‘The Indian Express’ for more information and also get step by step information on Times Now News if you need details about how to make Reels on instagram.

Instagram’s IGTV feature was supposed to beat Instagram failed but I feel that this feature will be able to beat ‘TikTok’. Short videos will also mean very precise content, which will be a good feature as well.

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