How to create your personal affirmations

Creating your personal affirmations is a way to manifest what you want to achieve. Adding your own touch to affirmations increases the effectiveness of your affirmations. In my previous blog we talked about What are affirmations and do they really work , here in this blog we are going to talk about how to create your personal affirmations step wise.

In this blog following questions will be answered: What are personal affirmations, how to create personal affirmations and examples of personal affirmations.

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Steps to create your Personal Affirmations:

Identify a Goal

Identify a goal that you want to manifest. There might be a chance that even you don’t know what your goals are. There are many articles you can read about it here. Your goals give you a outline of the affirmations that you want to create.

Visualize Feeling after attaining goals

Your feelings and your emotions are your greatest factors in achieving your goals. You need to close your eyes and visualize that you have achieved your goal. How do you feel? How do you feel when you achieved that Sales target or when you shed those 5kgs or when you bought that house that you wanted. Feel the sense of satisfaction and happiness that you will achieve when you will achieve that goal.

Split your goals

Goals can be short term or long term depending upon what you want. You can have a one final goal that can be split up into many short term goals. Write down these short terms goals. If your goal is to travel more this year, it can split into I will save more many, I will not use up leaves for non-essentials things and I want to have great experiences. It is your goal and you can decide how to achieve it.

Add Prefix to your goals

Adding certain prefixes to your affirmations helps you make them more powerful and attainable. When I ask you to visualize your goals, you have already achieved it there. The same formula you are going to use when you create affirmations. You write the affirmations in such a way that you have already achieved them or you are in the process of achieving them. Going with the goals above, you can write them in the following way:

  • I am saving more money
  • I am loving not taking unnecessary leaves
  • I am excited for great travel experiences
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Make them more personalized

Making the affirmations more personalized will help you connect. It is necessary that you desire to achieve your goals. Without desire, motivation and feelings creating these affirmations is of no use. Add a personal touch or statements to these affirmations. For examples:

  • I am saving more money to travel to (destination)
  • I lost weight and I look like a million bucks in this outfit.
  • I love interacting with new clients in my region
  • I am positive about my new sales pitch

Write them down

Write down these affirmations somewhere you can always see.


You can read about different way to practice affirmation in few days 🙂

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Some Q&A

  1. Is there a limit to number of affirmations I can create? – No there is no limit, you can create as many affirmations as you want.
  2. Do these affirmations really work? – Yes they do. You can read some content about it here if you want.
  3. Do you practices affirmations? – Yes, I do. Trying to do it everyday but sometimes it doesn’t happen

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