How to Practice Affirmations – 5 Different Methods

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog post. If you have read my previous blogs on What are affirmations and How to create your own affirmations this is the third blog post on how to practice them.

Here we going to find out different ways in which we can practice affirmation for achieving and attaining what we desire and accept the abundance from the universe.

Keep in mind that each method is different and unique so I suggest you to read them all, try them out and continue with what works.

Different ways to Practice Affirmations

Just to tell you that some of these ways have been designed and curated by me. If you are posting about these methods anywhere the kindly give me credit 🙂

Mirror Method

You are your own ally and the biggest cheerleader. Leverage this idea to manifest you affirmations. Don’t be afraid of your own image as you are going to work hard for yourself.

Look in the mirror and say your affirmations out loud. Look at your expressions when you say them, do you look happy? Do you look determined? Channelize your emotions when you look at yourself and say them out loud. Say each affirmation out loud 10 times and feel the energy building in you.

You can use this method 3 times a day, before a presentation or an interview, before a performance or any important event.

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Jotting down method

This is a method that I use often. As soon as I wake up or get dressed, I take my diary with me and start writing my affirmations 5 times while saying my affirmations out loud. When you write your affirmations, it is etched in your mind.

There is a method that it can be clubbed with which is 5×55 method where you have to write the affirmation 55 times for 5 days to manifest it. I never personally never tried it but have seen many people using it. If you know the source of this method then kindly comment on this post so that I can give credit.

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Meditation method

If you are someone who can meditate and sit still for a good amount of time then start chanting meditation inside your mind in a meditative state. Visualize the affirmations you are thinking about and take deep breaths.

Visualizing your affirmations is a very good way to give an emotional backing to your goals.

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See-It Method

Take a printout of your affirmations and post it wherever your can see them atleast 50 times a day. Stick it on your mirror, on your desk, keep it as your mobile wallpaper. Make sure you see it everywhere. Even when you just look at it your subconscious mind picks it up and you start working on it.

I have my affirmation ‘I will eat healthy food and lose weight’ posted on y refrigerator so that I can see it every time I have a craving for sugar or chocolates and it has been effective every time.

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HearIt Method

You can record your affirmations in your own voice and listen to them on loop whenever you want. You can also listen to some prerecorded affirmations on YouTube. Hearing it time and again influences you to work on those things and helps you manifest those goals. You can find my list of favorite videos here.

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I will be adding more and more methods to these post as and when I read about them. Make sure you subscribe to the content on my website for more details.

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