Jovees Ayurveda Antiseptic Anti acne Face pack

I absolutely loves using face packs, both homemade and store bought. I bought this product as it included anti-acne in its name and I have never been rid of the ever popping spots on my face.

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Product Positioning

It is for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin and contains tea tree and clove

About the Facepack

(As per packaging)

This face pack deep cleanses the skin and its therapeutic properties help clear acne and pimple by reducing the size of the pores to prevent excessive oil formation without rupturing the skin.

Active Ingredients

(As per packaging)

NameOther nameQuantity
Tea Tree oilMelaleuca alternifolia0.5%
Long pepper oilPiper longum0.5%
Nutmeg oilMyristica fragrans0.5%
Turmeric oilCurcuma longa0.3%
Neem extractMelia azardiracta0.5%
Clove oilMyrtus carophyllus1%
KaolinChina Clay15%
YasadAsh of Zincum3%
Multani MittiFuller’s earth0.4%
Purified waterqs

As you can see it contains many active ingredients with clove oil being in larger quantity. They have highlighted clove oil and tea tree as main product due to it effectiveness over acne and scarring.

Method of use

Apply on a face after face wash and removing all the make up. Apply it evenly and let it sit for 20 minutes. It won’t completely dry but make sure you wash your face after 20 minutes and pat your face dry with a towel.


This product comes in a white tube packaging. It is very easy to dispense the product but the issue comes when the product dries out a bit. It is a clay based product and it has a tendency to dry up so once I tried using this product after two weeks and I had to remove the dried part with a needle.


As I mentioned above that the product is clay based, still it doesn’t stay on the skin like normal clay based masks for example Aztec Healing Clay Face pack. It doesn’t form a uniform layer on the skin when you use it with water. Sometimes it doesn’t even get completely dried. If you want to know about Tan removing homemade clay face mask then you can read about it here.

Feel on skin

As it contains extracts and oil, especially tea tree oil and clove oil you will find it giving a burning sensation the first time you apply it. I don’t get scared by it much as I feel that if it gives a sensation then it is working. The sensation dulls out with time and usage.

After cleaning the mask after use, the skin feels fresh, soft and supple. It does not cause skin tightening like Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask or Charcoal Cream mask.

For people with sensitive skin I recommend you guys to dilute it with water for the first few times before applying.

Cost and quantity

120g of product costs INR 210

Final Summary

Even though this product does not feel on skin like regular clay mask (maybe due to its composition) it is undeniable that it leaves you skin soft and supple after use. It also helps in reducing the size any pimples that you might have to due to properties in its active ingredients and over time with proper nutrition and hydration it also helps in dull out the acne marks.

I recommend people with acne and oily skin to try this product atleast once. This product can be paired with Plum Face Scrub and Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

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Thank you for reading!!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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