Shaving for women – Myths and How

During this lockdown as many people were at home and not able to go anywhere, I got few questions regarding body hair removal without beauty parlour, I was like why do you need the beauty parlour for that. Practising good hygiene shouldn’t be time consuming or expensive. Shaving for women is an important part of daily hygiene if they choose to do so.

I have been shaving my arms, legs and underarms by myself at home since the last 5 years. Yes, shave. It has been a part of my daily personal hygiene. Once I saw how easy, painless and inexpensive it was I never turned back. Before that I was waxing my arms and legs every month for four years.

There was one time seven years back when I used Veet after seeing many many advertisements on social media but unfortunately it didn’t work out. The first time I got the push to use a razor was after watch Sherry Shroff’s videos.

Now you must be saying that you have heard certain things about shaving from your salon aunty or any damn aunty about how shaving is bad. The Salon aunty is earning INR 250-400 off you every month, why would she tell you something which means she is no getting paid. Instead of that, you can buy shaving cream or shaving gel for women. Let me now burst some of the myths related to shaving.

Myths related to body shaving for women

  • If you shave you will get more hair – No that is actually not the truth. Your hair growth depends on many factors and shaving is not one of them.
  • But you see men shave and have more hair growth – Men have more testosterone which results in more hair growth, we women also have some quantity of testosterone in us, so hormonal imbalance also leads to excessive hair growth.
  • The razor will cut my skin – I have never cut my skin even once in the last 5 years. There are many new women only razor which are amazing and very soft on the skin.
  • Shaving causes the skin to blacken – Never seen any evidence for this
  • Shaving makes skin go dry – If you don’t moisturize or drink water skin will go dry. Waxing creams many a times have moisturizers in them. Before I will mention a simple trick to shave and still have smooth skin.

There are different reasons why people remove body hair. It can be for medical, religion, hygiene or beautification. There are certain gymnast, bodybuilders, swimmers and athletes who have to remove their body hair. Personally I have no issues with my body hair unless it is my under arms hair. I shave my arms and legs as per my need only. There are also certain religious or personal reason due to which people refrain from removing body hair. Personally I feel it should be their own choice.

shaving for women razor
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How I shave my arms legs and underarms?

  • I take a mug of water and clean my razor in it
  • Then I apply water to the part I want to shave and apply some moisturizer or shampoo or hair conditioner or my shower gels to it
  • I use the razor in a systematic way line by line
  • After it is done, I wash off the remaining cream and check if I have missed any part.
  • If I find some rouge hair, I dry shave it.
  • I apply a skin moisturizer to that part again and go my merry way.

As you see I don’t buy some special after shave lotion or shaving cream, I used whatever is available for me and it works really well. At 25, I don’t get as much body hair as I used to and I am very happy for that.

For hair removal in your private parts I am not sure that razor is the proper way to go. You might have to go for a bikini wax by a professional for the same.

Advantages of Shaving for women over other methods

  1. It is quick and easy to use
  2. It is painless method
  3. No hot wax to burn your skin
  4. Waxing underarms leads to loosening of skin
  5. It is very cheap
  6. It is very convenient and can be done anytime and anywhere

I used Gillette Venus Razor, they have a really good guide on How to shave your legs So the next time when you want to wear a cute outfit or go to a party, you don’t have to wait till your next trip to salon.

Gillette Venus Razor
My Gillette Venus Razor

People also ask me about epilators but frankly I have never used them. But as far as I know they are also not painless and cause more razor burns than normal shaving.

Some FAQ’s regarding Shaving Body hair

  1. Does body hair get thicker after shaving – No, the thickness of hair varies from person to person and not from shaving.
  2. Does body hair grow faster after shaving – No, it doesn’t grow faster after shaving. When you wax your arms, the process rips out the hair from within so it takes sometime to grow, razor shaving removes the hair from surface so the growth is dependent on that.
  3. Is shaving body hair healthy – Yes it is healthy to shave and a part of basic hygiene in many people’s routine
  4. Does shaving body hair reduce odor – Yes, it does but if even after shaving the odor doesn’t go kindly consult your doctor and get treatment.
  5. How to soften body hair after shaving – Stay hydrated and apply moisturizer

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