17 Series to Watch in your Lifetime

Many people used this pandemic to catch up with the series that their friends recommended. I am a series junkie and I have the capacity to watch atleast ten 45 minutes episodes a day if not more. I am completely unapologetic and I absolutely love it.

So below are some of my TV and web series recommendation. Obviously there might be more series that might be better than these but I have included only ‘some’ series that I have watched.

1. Sherlock

This series is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories of detective Sherlock Holmes. Consisting only of 4 seasons and 13 episodes, this series is an absolute treat for everyone. The story follows an eccentric Sherlock Holmes with his flatmate Dr. John Watson solve the most unusual cases. No matter how fluent you are in English you are going to need subtitles the first time you watch this series to keep up with Sherlock.

2. Breaking Bad

IMDB’s most highest rated series, Breaking Bad is about a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer who starts synthesizing Meth with his former student to earn quick bucks. He find outs very soon that it is not as easy as it seems. The character development and the cinematography in this series is amazing.

3. The Office

The Office (US) is one of the best comedy series in the world for me. When I first started watching it, I hated it and stopped midway to the first episode. But years later I thought let me give it another chance and then I became obsessed with it. The satire is mind blowing and the cringeworthy parts actually make it all the more fun. It is based on employees working in a Paper Company and their boss Micheal Scott. I have no words to describe Michael. I wish my work was this fun. I watching it again for the third time. It consists of 9 seasons and 201 episodes.

4. The Big Bang Theory

Who run the world? Nerds! This series is about four scientist friends and their life. Overtime strong female characters are also introduced in the series It is very relatable and a absolute delight to watch. It is 12 series long and has 271 episodes. Sheldon’s eccentricity, Raj’s shy behaviour, Howard’s attempt at flirty and Leonard’s goofy behaviour is the primary attraction of this series.

5. Sex Education

This was one of the unexpected comedy series. With it’s name I thought it to be a serious show with heavy screenplay. I found this series to be very refreshing and oh so funny. It talked about how the society is restrictive regarding sex education at school and how it has a positive impact on life of people. This is a must watch mini series with two seasons and 16 episodes till Aug 2020.

6. The Walking Dead

This post apocalyptic series features zombies if you were not aware and contains gore visuals as well. If you are not ok with it please do not watch this series. I love this series by the end of season 1 because of multiple interlocking storylines and amazing twists (Also I am now sure I can survive a real zombie apocalypse). This a survival fic at its best.

7. Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai

Modern Day household story and scuffles between a posh demanding Mother-in-law and Lovable yet cheap daughter-in-law. This show is based in India and is quirky and fun. You can’t help but fall in love with each and every cast member.

8. The Vampire Diaries

When it was first suggested to me, I ignored it thinking it another Twilight fic and the first episode seemed like that too. But it is so better. So much better. It has a complete package of action, mystery and fiction. Always something unpredictable, I have watched the complete series more than two times. I recommend everyone to watching this series.

9. The Originals

The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. It is about the family of the first vampires and their story. It is highly addictive series and not at all just a chick flick. It is one of the series where I have cried at the end. It was beautiful and how a series should end (Even better than ending of Breaking Bad). I am obsessed with its Facebook Page and love to see memes related to it.

10. Brooklyn 99

Love it. Love it. Love it. Absolutely love it. It is a completely unrealistic cop show which contains tons of lovable characters. This show has quite a cult following because of its flawless comedy timing and the best Cold Opens ever. I rate this series far up on my personal favorites than Friends so you know what I am talking about.

11. Dexter

My first ever serial killer series. My first ever full fledged series. This show is about a serial killer who kills criminals who escape justice. Sounds good doesn’t it. It consists of Eight seasons but frankly I loved it till sixth season only. I still think that it could have ended better. But still I thank Dexter for giving me by best first series experience.

12. How to Get Away with Murder

This is a high paced show about a law professor who is a practicing lawyer and her students. As the name suggests, they get away with Murder many times specifically. I like it because the content is fresh and I love shows which include court cases. I am intrigued by the thrill of what is going to happen.

13. On My Block

The series is about four street savy kids who live neighborhood filled with drugs, gangs and voilence. After ‘Sex Education’ this was another unexpected yet beautiful series on Netflix. It showed how children work hard to get away from the shadow of how everyone wants them to be. It another coming off age drama which all of you will definitely love. The characters are not typical to any cliche shows and focuses mostly on Hispanic and African American kids.

14. Young Sheldon

Remember what I told you about ‘The Big Bang Theory’ about Sheldon’s eccentricity? Now imagine the same when he was a kid, stubborn and so cute. This spinoff series you can find all about his childhood and exactly how some of his phobias came about. It focuses on his parents, siblings and his friends. I especially love his twin sister.

15. Sex and the City

My first all chick series. It was all about four women navigating the dating pool in the series of New York. Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the central characters and I have seen her have more boyfriends in this series than I have clothes each with such peculiar tick about him. It showed me what types of men are out there and how I shouldn’t settle for anything less than worth. All the four ladies portrayed are strong successful women who don’t need anyone other than themselves and obviously a lot about sex.

16. Castle

Who doesn’t love a good detective mystery. This series is about a novelist teaming up with a NYPD detective to solve some strange cases. Richard Castle played by Nathan Fillion is also a lovable dad of a teenager and has some pretty wild imagination which helps Detective Kate Beckett solve her cases. Right now I can’t find it anywhere on Netflix or Amazon so if anyone of you find it then please tell me.

17. Fresh Off The Boat

This series is about a Chinese family who moves to Orlando in 90’s from New York, They are among the first Chinese people living in that locality which leads to some hilarious situations. They have three boys, out of which the eldest Eddie is the one narrating the show from the future. Their mother is a strict Chinese women and their father is a poster boy of the American dream. The two little brothers are what their mother considers good boys while Eddie is the black sheep in the family who is into African American rapper. What ensures is the complete hilarity.

So there are many other series I will be including in the next blog post. Stay tuned for the same.

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