Plum Chamomile and White Tea Scrub Review

Scrubs are an very important parts of skin care routine. If the scrubs are mild enough they are even used daily use. There are different scrubs that I have used Neemli Lip Scrub, Joy Strawberry Face Scrub and Palmolive Body Scrub.

Plum goodness is an Indian brand which is 100% vegan. Their products are formulated as they are website states with love to protect, repair and nourish using some of the richest sources of natural nutrients. The one thing I liked about that website is that they mentioned that they will never ever produce any fairness cream.

They have a wide range of products and their green tea range is very well known and a cult favorite.

Their chamomile and white tea Brighten up face scrub is the first Plum product that I used. I use this scrubs thrice a week. Scrubs helps in removing the dead skin, but it is very necessary that after using a scrub you apply a moisturizer or SPF and do not go in the sun directly for some time

Such scrubs are very gentle on the skin unlike chemical exfoliation which are more harsh and cannot be used often.

Plum Chamomile and White Tea Scrub Review

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is a common name for a plant from Estrella see family. It is used in traditional medicine. Chamomile tea is used as a caffeine-free option in many traditional medicines. It has various health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

There are studies those suggest that it can be used in try getting diabetes and lowering blood sugar. It helps with sleep and relaxation. The tea is used to treat cold symptoms. It also helps relieve menstrual pain

There are studies which found that antioxidants in chamomile tree can help in lowering certain risk associated with cancer. The antioxidants and chamomile tea can also be you you can also be useful for its anti-ageing effect. It also boosts immunity.

It is a part of many cosmetic formulations related to skin and hair.It helps in reducing acne, sunburn and under eye circles.

What is White Tea?

White Tea is the minimally processed tea. The tea leaves are harvested before they fully open or matured. It also has remarkable effects on skin and health. Like any other tea they are also loaded with antioxidants which helps the same way that chamomile tea does.

It lowers cholesterol, boosts immunity, promotes heart tells and memory. White tea is also known to reduce sugar cravings‌ and stress. It promotes healthy skin as antioxidant combat dullness, wrinkles and spots on the face. It’s anti-aging effects are well-known.

Plum Chamomile and White Tea brighten up face scrub Review

Plum Chamomile and White Tea Scrub Review

Who can use this scrub?

This Plum scrub is for normal dry and combination skin Not advised for sensitive skin, oily or acne prone skin. (As per packaging and their website)/ I have oily skin but I still wanted to use this product so I used it.

What it claims?

(As per packaging)

Reveal the brighter side of you each time. You scrub away dead cells dirt and dullness. Gentle cellulose beads and effective walnut shell powder makes the perfect scrubbing combo while the antioxidant rich botanical extract in the base keeps the goodness going between the surface.

How to use?

(As per packaging)

Start with the freshly washed moist face massage scrub on forehead cheeks nose and Chin in comfortable , in upward-outward circular motion as long as comfortable wash off pat dry follow with a moisturizer or SPF. Use scrub not more than Thrice a week.


(As per packagimg)

Water, sunflower seed oil, Stearic acid, Walnut shell powder cellulose beads, Aloe leaf juice, chamomile flower extract, white tea leaf extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extrac,t olive leaf extract. Green tea leaf extract, Rooibos leaf extract and FDA-approved colors

It does not contain. Parabens Pallets Propylene glycol Sodium lauryl sulfate DEA, PABA and animal derived ingredients.

Is this product vegan?

It is a hundred percent vegan product.

Country of Origin

It is made in India.

Plum Chamomile and White Tea Scrub Review

My review

Is a really good product for my Oily skin, whenever I use it my face seems fresh and glowing. It does not cause my face to dry up, which is a good thing. I use it twice a week and apply my moisturizer or my Mcaffeine green tea face serum after it. The packaging is a tube based packaging which is very convenient to carry anywhere. I want. This product is not advice for sensitive skin. The cellulose beads which scrub your face are not too harsh on the skin.

It is a creamy formulation. On their website directly meant that they don’t recommend it for oily or acne-prone skin, but I still tried it because I just wanted to know how it works. My mother who has a combination skin also love this product.The cool thing is that this product is paraben and phthalate free.

This product is very good to be included in your weekly skincare regime. I am hoping to try more products from Plum Goodness.

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