VLCC Anti Tan Sunscreen Lotion

VLCC Anti-Tan sunscreen lotion SPF 25, PA plus with lemon. It claims that it is a Lightening and nourishing lotion. I am using this product on and off since years. If you are not using sunscreen regularly then please do it is very very important for you. The last sunscreen I used was Innisfree No Sebum UV Protection Cream with SPF 35 and PA +++. You can also read about Ponds non-oily sunscreen.

The last time I used a VLCC product was VLCC Melia Facewash and I was very happy with it so let us see how this goes.

Importance of Lemon on skin

Lemon is a rich vitamin C source, which acts as a great antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and boosting collagen production. Overall, it’s good for skin and very productive for enhancing skin beauty.

Product Positioning

(As per packaging)

VLCC Anti tan sunscreen lotion with SPF 25 and pf+ is enriched with lemon and similar other natural ingredients which not only protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays, but also keeps the screen nourished and free from tanning. This sunscreen is paraben free and suitable for all skin types.

Directions for Use

Apply liberally on sun-exposed areas like face, neck and arms 15 minutes before going out reapply frequently for long durations sun exposure ingredients. It contains many chemicals in it, which are necessary for a sunscreen as far as natural ingredients go it contains lemon oil extract, orange peel extract, aloe vera extract, mint extract, watermelon extract.

Formulation contains herbal ingredients tend to change color over figured of time. However product if we can see an immense and changed. You can read about why and how to apply your sunscreen here.


This product comes in a large tube packaging, which is easy to use. The size of the product is a bit big for keeping in the handbag and taking with you while travelling.

Product texture

The product is a cream which is white in color, it is a thick cream and when looked at seems a bit shiny.

My review

As far as the sun protection go, this is a good product to use but a bit heavy on the skin. I have oily skin and when I apply this product to my face it looks more oily. I need to apply powder to my face so even though I had this product for years, I started using it only because I am stuck at home and the expiring date was coming near.

I am using it in my both day and night skincare routine along with Klairs Vitamin C serum, I think this sunscreen is perfect to use on body rather than face if you are going out. I wear my sunscreen even though I am sitting at home and chilling. This is not a travel size product so if you buy it make sure you a spare travel size sunscreen to take with you.

My mum has a relatively dry skin so she uses the product often and is quite happy with it. I recommend this product only to people with dry skin. This is an affordable product with a good brand name.

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