Beeminder Productivity app with a twist

Beeminder is a productivity tool. I was looking at certain apps to increase my productivity because I had too much to do and too little motivation to do it. So while Googling I went through many blogs featuring some apps, but I found that Beeminder was the most motivating and you will come to know the reason why soon. So productivity apps are the apps which keep track of your goals and remind you time and again to work on that. If you are lazy, if you are pessimists and if you’re not motivated enough to do your work, sometimes these apps might help. So what happens with me is that I start working with such apps or any new productivity process, but I stopped using it within a month. So I wanted to use something that you do will keep me motivated and make me stick to it.

You can also find some affirmations videos here to boost positivity and productivity.

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What makes Beeminder different from all the other apps?

In Beeminder, if you put a certain goal and you don’t complete it within that time, get ready, you are going to lose money. Yes, Beeminder connects your account with your PayPal account. So whenever you don’t do anything and do you don’t log in your progress, you lose $5 or $10 or whatever amount I put there.

I am using this app for three goals currently. So my first goal was writing at least two blog post per week. The second was practising my French on Duolingo and third was posting photos on Instagram as I saw I was lacking in all three. So Beeminder has functionality with which you can connect certain apps. Some of the apps that can be connected on Beeminder are IFITT, Gmail, TODOLIST, Duolingo, Fitbit, Strava, Apple Health and many more.

You can connect whatever goal you want with any of these apps or you can log in your progress manually. For the blog post and Instagram post, I am logging my progress manually and truthfully. For Duolingo, I connected the app so whenever I used to practice my French, I just need to come back to Beeminder app and use it.

How to start using Beeminder.

Even though it has an app if you want to create a ‘Goal’ you have to use the wen app so it will be easier if you have used a laptop or PC. This also won’t work if you don’t have a PayPal account and connect it with this website. Make sure you look at all the permission before signing up. You can also see the below video on how to create a goal on Beeminder.

Is this too easy to use? 

As I said that you have to create the goals on its website but you can log in the goals through the app. Frankly speaking the website and gal creation is not user friendly and can be intimidating for someone who is not that tech or analytics friendly. You can also call it your nerdy and very clinical friend. There are many parameters to go through and if you don’t look at it properly then please go through some videos on YouTube.

Make sure to also look at how much money you are pledging, what is the buffer periods and how to log in the progress manually.


During the goal period and after you complete you can find a graph of your work on this app. Below is my graph for blog posts. Analytics don’t matter much to me in this as much as my goals do.

My Blog post goal graph

My Review 

There are some people who need a small push to work. Productivity app helps with that. If you go to their website, Beeminder has many many good blogs related to productivity which can help a lot of us. Even though its website seems difficult to use, the developers have really brought out the innovative tool.

Can you imagine the terror we might feel when we might lose money if we don’t a complete task? Many times we don’t need such extreme measures, but when we don’t have enough motivation this trick brings out the best in us.

Beeminder is a great productivity tool to try to keep yourself and track your goals. I wish we could add/create goals from the Android mobile app as well. You can track the work you have done and it helps with planning your time better. It can be connected to many apps especially ones associated with your health.

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