Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

In these winters it is very important that we select the right moisturizing cream for our skin. I have used products like Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer and Cosrx natural BHA balancing serum which have been very good to me so I have been a bit sceptical about trying a new product. In this blog I am reviewing Innisfree green tea balancing cream.

Innisfree claims itself to be a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature. They are known to use natural ingredients in their products like green tea, volcanic clusters, orchid, bija and many more. I have used their no sebum sunscreen for oily skin, you can read about it here.

Green tea is a very potent ingredient and is used in many formulations in the market. I have written a couple of blogs about such formulations as Neemli green tea lip scrub and MCaffeine green tea face serum.

In this blog I have written a small but comprehensive review about this product. Do subscribe by adding your email id below for getting regular updates on my content!

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Brand Positioning of Innisfree green tea products

Double squeeze green tea from the Jeju Island. Innisfree has been very vocal on their website that the products they use are from Jeju island.

Directions (As per packaging)

Apply an appropriate amount over face and neck then gently smooth for better absorption.

Caution (As per packaging)

  • Always the cap after use
  • Immediately stopped in case of abnormality after use
  • Use as quickly as possible after opening.


When I read through the ingredient list of Innisfree green tea balancing cream, I could only find Camellia sinuses leaf extract also known as green tea extract as the only natural ingredient. Rest all  were chemicals like preservatives and stabilizers. They have also mentioned that they have used myristic acid and lauric acid, but I doubt they will be in the natural form.


It comes in a green colored plastic container. There is no applicator that comes with it so you have to scoop up the product with your fingers.


INR 1300 for 50ml


The product is pearly white in color


It is a soft smooth texture which gets easily absorbed into skin.

How I use it?

I used to use Innisfree green tea balancing cream product in both my morning and night time skincare routine. I will stop apply it after I use if after my primary treatment of Vitamin C or retinol. This product gets easily absorbed in the skin, so I didn’t have to wait long before applying the next product that is sunscreen or directly going to bed.


My review

This is the second product I’ve used from Innisfree. I didn’t like the product at first but after I used it and saw how it moisturized my skin and made it look healthy, I started loving this product, but the price tag and a quantity of product will not make me buy this product any anytime soon. I will definitely recommend this product to people with all skin types. The lightness of the product feels good on skin, during winters I used to sometimes apply it thrice a day for an even and healthy looking skin. Pairing it with Vitamin C serum and hydrating my skin with sipping water throughout the day had a really good effect on the skin.

It can be found in all the top shopping stores but make sure you buy the genuine products from reputed stores only. Duped products can be very harmful on your skin.

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