Mamaearth CoCo Body Lotion – Review

Mamaearth products have been gaining a lot of traction in social media nowadays. They also received the honor of The Best Brand of 2019 by Economic times. On their website it is written that their products are FDA approved, dermatologically tested and Made Safe Certified. Mamaearth products related to skin, hair, body and baby products and Mamaearth onion hair oil and argan hair mask have now become cult favourites. In this blog we are going to talk about their cruelty free CoCo body lotion which is also made in India.

I have always been a fan of products containing coffee and cocoa butter like Vaseline intensive care cocoa glow and I was very excited to try this product especially during winters when my arms and legs dry out all the time. Also do let me know in comments which Mamaearth product you would like to know more about.



Coffee is our beloved beverage and I know many people who can’t function without it. Even though there are many benefits of it internally it’s effect on skin are also well know. Coffee is now present in various products like body scrub, face scrub, moisturizer, anti-cellulite products and many more. The entire products line of Mcaffeine is based on use of coffee. You can read about its face serum here.

Benefits of coffee on skin

  • It has anti-ageing benefits
  • It helps with cellulite reduction
  • It inhibits DNA damage caused due to sun exposure
  • It increases skin elasticity
  • It promotes skin hydration

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Mamaearth CoCo Body Lotion

Product positioning

Mamaearth CoCo body lotion is for intense moisturization. It is mineral oil and silicone free, dermatologically tested and for dry skin as per its packaging. It provides rich moisturization and is a non-greasy formula having natural ingredients.


In addition to various stabilizers this product contains coffee extracts, cocoa butter, shea butter, Theobroma cocoa butter, vitamin E, olive oil and IFRA certified allergen free fragrance.

Vitamin E has been known to have many good benefits on the skin health where it promotes anti-ageing and reduce scars left by blemishes. I have never used Vitamin E on my body but just my face so I was keen to see how it worked. You can also read about MCaffeine neem facewash with vitamin E and argan oil here.


Direction of use:

(As per packaging)

Pump out an adequate amount of body lotion on your palm. Gently massage your lotion all over your body using your fingertips until completely absorbed. Reabsorbed whenever skin feels dry.

(How I use it)

I use it daily after bath as I am used to very hot water during bath which considerably dries out my skin. I use it on my arms and legs.

Caution Line

(As per packaging)

  • Products contains natural ingredients and may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness
  • Patch tests recommended to find triggers of existing allergies
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • For external use only

Formulation properties

The product is a lightest brown in color. The texture is more like a cream or you can call it a thicker lotion. It is not at all runny so makes it easier to carry as well. The fragrance of this product is very pleasant. It smells like a mixture of chocolate, coconut and coffee which is divine.


Feel of product

As I said this product is like a thick lotion, it also takes a few rubs to get absorbed into skin. On the first rub of the product leaves a white sheen behind which goes away with rubbing it again. I take this opportunity to massage my arms and legs everyday looking at the bright side everytime.


INR 399 for 400ml product

My review of Mamaearth CoCo body lotion

Mamaearth CoCo Lotion comes with a back support of many cult favorites. Enriched with cocoa butter and coffee this product smells and feels divine on skin. It can be your best friend in winters and it has been a very valuable product for me. While my face is a bit oily but my body is really dry so I have to be very careful which product to use otherwise my skin turns scaly and white. I would recommend this product to everyone with dry skin. It takes a bit more time to absorb on people with generally oily skin. Other attractive point of this product is that it is cruelty free, made in India and the container is recycled.


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