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5 Best natural ingredients for DIY hair conditioner

DIY hair conditioner is a good addition to your hair care routine as it cheap, easy to use and very effective. Constant exposure to chemicals, pollution and sun have a harmful effect on hair which makes it look dull and this can lead to dandruff and hair fall. There are some conditioners in the market that can tackle many such issues. Many of them include natural ingredients as well but I would recommend using any of the below ingredients for DIY hair conditioner to add that extra shine to your hair. There are many such ingredients for you to choose from but I have just mentioned 5 on the basis of best results and availability. It is also essential that you follow a proper diet for healthy hair so you can read about the 5 vitamins you need for healthy hair and skin here.

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Yoghurt for hair

Yoghurt is my first ingredient to be mentioned in this list as it is the most widely used DIY hair conditioner in the world. Apart from being the most favourite snack around the world, yoghurt has been known to have an impact on our health, both internal and external. Yoghurt is mixed with any of the other mentioned ingredients to produce an impactful hair mask. It has a number of vitamins and minerals. The protein and lactic acid in yoghurt have huge benefits. It has large quantities of calcium which is a vital mineral for hair growth as well. You can also read about my two-ingredient DIY hair mask here. I also add it to my hair pack routine with The Foam Story organic hair pack.

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Benefits of yoghurt on hair:

  • It helps with hair smoothening
  • It reduces dandruff and cleanses the scalp
  • It is used as a hydrating mask for deep conditioning
  • It promotes hair follicle growth
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Egg for hair

An egg is the most popular breakfast in the world and as it is getting popularity for removing blackheads by looking at recent trends it has been very well known for years as a DIY hair conditioner. Many people have a preference about which part of the egg they use for a hair mask, the egg white or the yolk but I recommend using both. People don’t like using egg yolk because it smells but a few drops of any essence while whisking (especially vanilla) makes it something better. Egg whites offer proteins and yolks offer fats and minerals. The egg contains biotin which is essential for hair growth along with minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron and copper.

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Benefits of egg on hair:

  • It nourishes dry hair
  • It balances scalp sebum
  • It helps in taming frizz
  • It promotes hair growth
  • It adds shine to hair
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Aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera is a household name around the globe and is used for various medicinal properties. It is a thick short-stemmed cactus-like succulent. Its uses have been attributed to 75 potentially active constituents like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains proteolytic enzymes which have positive effect o hair growth. The gel-like substance inside the leaves is used on the skin for its moisturizing ability due to high water content. As it can be grown anywhere, it is easily available.

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Benefits of Aloe vera on hair

  • It is used as hair strenghtner
  • It stimulates hair growth
  • It reduces scalp itchiness and irritation
  • It reduces dandruff
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties

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Avocado for hair

Avocado is now all the rage in the western countries and some might argue that it has lead to surge in its demand which has lead to people destroying forests in Mexico to farm them. The trend of avocado started with avocado toast and due to its high fat content it is now a staple of people following keto diet. The avocado is essentially a fruit having a single seed inside it. It is also a great source of monosaturated fatty acids. The flesh of the fruit contains 73% of water and vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin E.

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Benefits of avocado on hair

  • Nourishes hair
  • Adds a shine to them
  • It promotes hair growth
  • It prevents hair loss
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Coconut Oil and milk for hair

I have rarely seen an Indian household that does not have a bottle of coconut oil. It is the wisdom that is passed on through generations, that Indians have been using coconut oil as a pre-conditioner. Coconut milk is obtained by straining coconut flesh with water repeatedly and used as a DIY hair conditioner. Coconuts contain a large number of saturated fats which nourishes the hair. It prevents protein loss from hair during washing and protein is an important factor in hair health.

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Benefits of coconut on hair

  • Moisturizes hair
  • It prevents protein loss
  • It prevents scalp infections and also keeps it from drying
  • It adds shine to the hair

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