The Foam Story Organic Hair Pack

Hair packs or hair masks were used for generations and you can see them have an effect since you use them from the first application. They are many hair masks available in the market; each one for different hair problems – dandruff, hair fall, rough hair etc. You can also read about the best DIY ingredients for hair conditioners. Most of the masks available in the market have preservatives and chemicals. Personally, I don’t have problems with them unless harm my hair. I was intrigued when I heard about The Foam Story’s organic hair pack.

The foam story organic hair mask

The Foam Story (@the_foamstory on Instagram) is a 100% natural organic skincare brand started in 2019 in India. They follow the traditional ayurvedic method to make their products. All their products are homemade and handcrafted with love. They have skin care, hair care and foot care products. You can also read about their face glow serum and detox face pack.

About the foam story organic hair pack

The finest ingredients added in this hair pack act as an all in one solution for your hair problems which gives you a natural glow, smoothens hair texture, strengthen the roots and more. This pack has hibiscus, amla, curry leaves, aloe vera, neem and much more which is a herbal ritual for your hair.


The formulation comes in a powder form. It is a fine powder which is greenish yellow in colour and it smells like hibiscus flower.

The foam story organic hair mask ingredients


This product contains many natural ingredients. Let us now talk about how these ingredients help in hair care.

Hibiscus: It helps stimulate hair growth and helps with baldness. It nourishes the hair, treats dandruff and prevents premature greying.

Amla: It protects from external photo damage. It can reduce flaky scalp and serves as a conditioner. The vitamins, minerals and phyto ingredients promote hair growth.

Curry leaves: It moisturizes the scalp and removes dead hair follicles. It prevents hair loss and also thinning of hair. It is rich in antioxidants.

Aloe vera: It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients which help is moisturizing the hair and add shine to it. It helps cleanse the scalp.

Neem: It soothes frizz, removes dandruff and head lice. It promotes hair growth. It prevents premature graying of hair.


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How to use this organic hair pack

Take required amount of the mixture and blend with curd or rice water and apply on hair leave it for 20min and wash with a mild cleanser like Boutique green apple shampoo or CG friendly Giovanni shampoo.

The foam story organic hair mask mixed with curd

My review

The Foam story organic hair pack is a good, natural and safe product for your hair care routine. The ease of using it makes it even more attractive. You just have to mix it with curd and apply. This product is homemade which adds a personal touch to it and there is more attention to detail.

The ingredients in this organic hair pack are packed with amazing ingredients which have been known to be solution for many hair related problem. After I applied this product I could see less frizz on my hair even though it was humid outside. I have been struggling with dandruff for the past one month. With just one application, I saw the reduction in dandruff. I am sure after couple of more application it will completely go

I definitely recommend to use this product once a week. You can place a order for this product on their Instagram page (@the_foamstory)

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