Deyga acne control face pack with spirulina and matcha

Struggling with acne has been struggle for many people I know. Some have consistent acne and some have occasional one but the struggle is real. I use many face masks but most are concentrated on skin tightening like Aztec healing clay and my DIY skin tightening face mask. In this blog I am going to discuss an acne control face pack that will work wonders on your skin.

Deyga Organics is an Indian brand. It is originated in the state of Tamil Nadu. I love their Instagram page. Their products are pure, handcrafted and natural and you should definetly try them.

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Product positioning

(As per their website)

A high potent face pack, crafted for acne-prone skin! This gentle pack of green ingredients reduces the occurrence of zits & pimples and keeps the skin clear & healthy.

Deyga acne control face pack product image for pimple control

Ingredients of Deyga acne control face pack

The main ingredients of this face pack are spirulina, matcha, aloe vera, moringa, neem and comfrey. All these ingredients are very well known in traditional medicine to act against pimples and acne.

These products help in skin detox and control occurence of zit, pimples and acne. Their antioxidant potential also helps in slowing ageing and help skin look bright and healthy. The anti microbial property is the main factor in stopping acne and these have been proved scientifically as well.

How to use this product?

  • Activate the ingredients with toner or water.
  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser
  • Apply for 20 minutes and wash off.
  • Follow up with toner
Deyga acne control face pack made with deyga tea tree toner

The toner that works best with this product is Deyga tea tree toner. It adds the benefit of tea tree which is also well known for its anti-microbial action against acne and pimples. This combination is very powerful against pimples. Also try using cold water if possible to make the face pack as it provides additional comfort to your skin.

While washing off this acne control face pack, massage your skin gently like you will do for a scrub. Make sure you don’t press harshly and harm your skin. This will increase the blood flow to your skin and make it look and feel fresh. After following it up with toner make sure you follow it up with a moisturizer.

Physical properties of deyga acne control face pack

The product comes as a powder which needs to be reconstituted with toner or water. It is a blend of dried ingredients mentioned above. The product is green in colour and smells a bit odd. This might be due to absence of any external chemicals or fragrance which makes it all natural product. The smell can be masked by using Deyga tea tree toner which smells fantastically of tea tree or any other flavored natural water that you have.

Deyga acne control face pack powder image

My review

I have been using this product for more than a month now. At first I was a bit skeptical because of the smell and I am used to products that smell all flowery and good. But after using it multiple times and seeing its effect on my skin, the smell doesn’t matter. I have been having trouble with acne and it happens whenever I have dandruff. This times around I saw astronomically less amount of pimples than I usually see.

Earlier my face used to be filled with pimples, on my cheek, forehead and nose. This time I saw only two or three pimples and they also went away quickly without marks. I used this mask twice a week mostly during my night time skin care routine. This product works good on all skin types and I would recommend this to both men and women to treat pimples. I can say this is one of best face pack to control acne.

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