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Many want glowing skin but only a few get it naturally. Our diet and lifestyle are not always perfect but that doesn’t mean that we deserve to have good healthy-looking skin. Oils and lotions have been used for centuries to accentuate facial features and get a better glow but in the last three years, people have really understood the importance of natural products oil and their benefits for the face. In this blog, I have reviewed The Foam Story glow serum.

What are glow serums?

Glow serums are a type of beauty products that help in giving your skin a natural glow. They are a blend of facial oils, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and active ingredients. The glow serums are of three types; water-based, alcohol-based and oil-based. They are used with a moisturiser or as a stand-alone.

They are preferred more than standalone essential oils as they carry the goodness of many ingredients and layering of each and every facial oil are difficult. Depending on the ingredients they can also help in clearing out blemishes or acne scars like Klairs Vitamin C serum.

The Foam Story glow serum


About the creator

The Foam Story is a 100% natural new hip organic skincare brand started in India. They follow the traditional ayurvedic method to make their products. All their products are homemade and handcrafted with love. They have skincare, hair care and foot care products. You can order products through their Instagram. Click the link here to visit. You can also read about their organic hair pack and detox face pack.


The main ingredients are:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Argan oil
  • Grapeseed oil

How I use this glow serum?

During my morning skincare routine, I use it by mixing it with my Innisfree sunscreen which is a bit dry and it leaves a white sheen on my face after application. The foam story glow serum emulsifies with this sunscreen and makes it easy for me to apply.

I mix it with my night cream in my night skincare routine. I use it day and night alternatively. As I have really oily skin I am a bit sceptical about using it directly. Oily formulations need time to get completely absorbed in the skin and I am always in such a hurry.

What I think about this product?

I have been using this product for about three weeks so I think it is the right time for me to talk about how good it really is. The product comes in a small glass bottle and a dropper. It is a homemade blend. As I mentioned I have been using this product alternatively day and night, I have seen how it feels after a full day of work and a good night sleep.

This product really makes my face glow. You can really see it after the first application itself and after religiouly applying this product every day I can diminished blemishes as well. I don’t use any separate eye cream right now, I just apply whatever moisturizing cream I am using at the time. When I started applying the glow serum along with the cream under my eyes, I started getting better quality of sleep which in turn reduced black circles.

There is a misconception that people with oily skin should not use serums or facial oils. If you have oily skin then you can reduce the quantity of product you use and start building up on it as and when needed. I sometimes follow up with a face powder if my face looks too oily.

I can recommend this product to all people who think their face looks dry and dull.

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