Detox Face Pack Review by The Foam Story

My skincare routine in 2021 largely consists of The Foam Story products and its detox face pack is one of them. The best thing about face packs is that they leave your face leaving fresh and clean. Our face is subjected to so many chemicals and toxins that it is necessary to detoxify it for healthy-looking skin. I have a really consistent skincare routine in the last three weeks in which I include masking at least twice a week. One is the Deyga acne control face pack and the other one in The Foam Story Detox Face Pack which will be reviewed in this blog post.

The Foam Story (@the_foamstory on Instagram) is a 100% natural organic skincare brand started in 2019 in India. They follow the traditional ayurvedic method to make their products. All their products are homemade and handcrafted with love. They have skincare, hair care and foot care products. You can read about their organic hair pack and glow serum.


The Foam Story Detox Face Pack


This product is a mixture of activated charcoal, moringa, tulsi and other ingredients with kaolin clay as a base. These products are very well known for their detoxifying properties, especially activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is a universal antidote and historically it was ingested to get rid of toxins from the body as well. Because of its porous nature, it traps toxins without getting absorbed into the skin. It removes bacteria and dirt from the skin and control oiliness as well. (Ref 1, Ref 2)

Moringa (also known as drumstick plant) and tulsi have detoxifying properties. Our grandmothers always stressed the importance of including them in our diet and now we know why. Moringa powder’s antibacterial effects help prevent acne and breakouts and the vitamin C present in it reduces ageing. Tulsi has similar properties as well. (Ref)

Although kaolin clay is used as a base, it cannot be denied that it leaves your face looking rejuvenated. It cleanses the skin of dirt and extra oils and helps reduce blackheads as well. (Ref)

Packaging and product’s physical properties


This product comes in a paper sealed ziplock bag which I think is amazing and cool. It is environmentally friendly as well and a great way to store the product.

The product is a very fine powder which is light grey in color. The color might be largely due to black color of activated charcoal. The product is so fine that it forms a very fine paste.

How I use this product

I love face packs as they are so easy to apply and remove. For this product, I mix it with cold water or rose water or sometimes even with a toner. I usually apply it on my in the morning before bath. This product helps me feeling fresh the first thing in the morning.

I create the paste and apply it on face and neck evenly. I leave it for 10 minutes or till the time it starts drying. You have to make sure that you wash it off before it completely dries up otherwise it can leave your skin completely devoid of moisture.


My review of this detox face pack

If you have read my reviews of Aztec healing clay and Jovees antiseptic face pack then you know how much I like a good clay mask. This detox face pack by the foam story was described as a mask that removes blackheads, rejuvenates skin, is a remedy for acne pigmentation and cleanses the pores. I completely agree that it rejuvenates the skin as mentioned above. It is a great mask to start the day with as the activated charcoal works its magic and detoxifies the skin.

I didn’t see any changes with respect to blackheads, yes they were slightly less visible but that didn’t count as a huge difference. Maybe my blackheads are that stubborn and my beautician agrees with it. I have been struggling with a huge dandruff problem which has lead to even bigger acne and scars problems. I can’t see my acne getting any lesser after application but at least it has not worsened. The scars are still there.

The one benefit of this mask I noticed which I didn’t see mentioned anywhere is the skin tightening effect it has, mostly because of the kaolin clay used. I could feel my skin tighten with repeated application. Clay masks are extremely drying so I recommend you to apply sunscreen or moisturizer after use.

I recommend this mask to people with oily skin to use once a week and to people with combination or dry skin once or twice a month. This a great handmade, economical and environmentally friendly product that you can buy for yourself or gift your loved ones.

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