My GoTo Youtube videos for Affirmations and Positivity

It is very difficult to practice affirmations especially when you are travelling, stuck in work or do not have the internal energy to do it. Many of you are believers and many of you are non-believers, the only difference between you is that you practice it religiously and see the results or you don’t. I have also written about how to create your own personal affirmations which helps a lot in guiding your mind effectively.

If you have questions regarding how to practice affirmations then you can read about them here where I have listed 5 effective ways that I use. One of them is meditating by listening to affirmations on a youtube video.

Here are a list of youtube videos you can listen to practice affirmations and positivity for success, money and happiness. You can listen to the videos directly from this page so don’t forget to bookmark it.

I will be updating this page regularly

58 minutes affirmations to hear when you get up for success

12 minute Gratitude Meditation

Affirmations for Beauty

Money Affirmations

Affirmations for Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Panic Attacks

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